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Feb 9 2019

Please use Chrome Browser when using Webwriter.
Getting reports that Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Explorer is not as reliable as Chrome

Nov 2018

Login Process
o Stripped the @sd83.bc.ca if the user accidentally enters their email address instead of their network id when logging in

Report Card Print Changes
o Removed the umbrella
o Assessment scale definition reworked. Scale only prints if scale used on the report card
o Sliding scale now represented with fuel gauge style
o Increased font size in comments section

Course Entry Screen
o 1000 character limit in comment areas increased to 2000
o Suggest NOT to use 'SAVE BUTTON' as auto save was reworked and now shows the (SERVER - not your workstation) date and time of last save.


Autofill more columns
Online manual - This will be done faster if one of you can help us and take on this task